What I'm doing now

Updated July 10, 2024, from my home in Barcelona.

Meditating and doing breathwork for a few minutes every day.

Lifting heavy weights, and stretching more. One feeds the ego, the other feeds the soul.

Getting up earlier to go for swims before it gets crowded, as I live a few minutes away from a beautiful beach.

Slowly learning to code with The Odin Project. My goal is to build my ideas from scratch without having to rely on anyone.

Taking a long break from non-fiction books to only read good fiction. Currently deep into "The Name of the Wind" by Patrick Rothfuss.

Building the second edition of the Visual Growth Course, where I teach hundreds of people how to stand out with visual communication.

Deciding what my next big project will be. I have a lot of ambition and enthusiasm, but I'm looking for a new project to channel them into.




What I'm doing now

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